Our Menus
    SUSHI DINNERComes with soup and salad
  • 1Sushi Dinner9 pieces sushi with California roll16.95
  • 2Sushi Deluxe13 pieces sushi w.tuna roll or spicy tuna roll20.95
  • 3Sushi Special20 pieces sushi with special roll39.95
  • 4Sashimi Regular13 pieces sashimi18.95
  • 5Sashimi Deluxe18 pieces sashimi20.95
  • 6Chirashi12 pieces sashimi on rice19.95
  • 7Tekka Don10 pieces tuna sashimi on Rice18.95
  • 8Unaji Don10 pieces eel on rice19.95
  • 9Sushi & Sashimi Regular6 pieces sushi & 8 pieces sashimi with tuna roll or spicy tuna roll20.95
  • 10Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe9 pieces sushi 15 pieces sashimi w. tuna roll or spicy tuna roll32.95
  • 11Yama Love Boat15 pieces sushi,15 pieces sashimi,2 special roll62.95